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patten screen print - stacked paint cans close up

Prototyping and print samples in Bracknell

Looking to test a new print design before scaling up to full production? Speak to Patten Screen Print Ltd. We offer a full in-house prototyping service to clients: get in touch today to learn more.

Low volume, fast turnaround

Prototyping is a great way to test a new design or idea before committing to full-scale production. It can also help prevent costly mistakes which are best picked up early on. At Patten Screen Print we offer a full test printing service, designed to support customers looking for a fast turnaround at a lower volume level.

With decades of industry experience in screen printing and a committed team of specialists, your prototyping needs are in safe hands. We are able to offer advice and support to help you ensure your test prints lead to the desired end product.

Prototyping a sign, overlay or label? You can also count on us to help with full-scale printing!

patten screen print - clearview intelligence screen printed prototype

"Of the highest standard"

"We have been using Patten Screen Print for the last 10 years now and would highly recommend them to other customers. The turnaround of work has always been on time. And the quality of their work has always been of the highest standard."

-Steve Burtenshaw

patten screen print - close up machine engraving


Experts in industrial prototyping

We've worked with countless clients to develop prints for industrial settings.



Small scale engraving for you

We engrave pet discs, trophy plaques and laminate signs for around the home.

patten screen print - close up machine engraving
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For print samples and prototyping support, speak to our team today

Count on Patten Screen Print of Bracknell to help bring your ideas to life. Call:

0118 978 5995

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