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High-quality printed control panels

Ensure staff can easily, safely and efficiently operate equipment with a clearly printed control panel. Based in Bracknell, Patten Screen Print Ltd provides support to businesses and equipment manufacturers throughout the Berkshire area. Get in touch with our team today.

Simple and effective control panel solutions

With dozens of controls, buttons and switches, it's easy for anyone to get lost when operating a piece of machinery, plant or equipment. A well-designed control panel can make all the difference, and can make controlling equipment that much easier and safer.

At Patten Screen Print, we are fully equipped to print high-quality, ergonomic control panels on a variety of materials, including metal and plastics. We take the time to accurately recreate all details and specifications required from your control panels, and aim to have your panels ready as soon as possible.

patten screen print - clean pressure panel close up
patten screen print - clean pressure panel close up

Catering to your exact specifications

With so many types of machinery, manufacturers and vintages, no two control panels are likely to be the same. We are happy to create heavy-duty, long-lasting control panels to your exact specifications, ensuring the perfect fit and clear, easy to follow controls and instructions to aid with machinery operation.

We have a number of colour and design options available, allowing you to personalise your design to suit your specific application.

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Printing services for UK businesses

Our services are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Place an order online today

Take a look at the products we have available to purchase online.

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Order your printed control panels today from Patten Screen Print

To discuss your requirements in full and for a competitive quote, contact our Bracknell-based team today.

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